There are somethings  you should know about petroleum, crude oil or oil and gas.

The terms petroleum, crude oil or oil and gas  are synonymous and so they  are used interchangeably. Their usage by different people on different context do not deviate from  what they mean. So when individuals or people say petroleum, such individuals or people refer to crude oil and oil & gas. Tiba Petro is one of the leading Petro chemical company in Middle East provides all type of petroleum products.

Petroleum is a viscous (thick and sticky), flammable and yellow-to-black liquid  substance found naturally beneath the earth. It is called mineral oil, rock oil, fossil oil  and in some instances liquid black gold because of its economic value and importance and so it serves as the economic backbone of countries that have it in good qualities and large quantities. When petroleum is discovered (explored) at a particular site it  is obtained by drilling (oil drilling) and thereafter can be used or sold unprocessed or sold after it is processed (refined) into different types of products commonly called fuels (petroleum products). By the process of distillation (fractional distillation), crude oil can be separated or refined into different consumer products like petrol (gasoline– a transparent, petroleum-derived liquid that is used primarily as a fuel in internal combustion), kerosene, asphalt, lubricating oils, paraffin wax and other chemical reagents that are required in addition to other raw materials in  the manufacture of plastics  and drugs ( in pharmaceutical industries). Bitumen ( asphalt ) is the thickest form of petroleum. Bitumen, asphalt and tarmac (tar) are used for paving road by road construction companies for road construction.  As a matter of fact, crude oil is used as raw material for many derivative products. The importance of  the oil and gas industry cannot be overemphasized as it full business opportunities as well create jobs for people. In the petroleum industry, there is what is called integrated oil and gas companies. These are companies or businesses  in the oil and gas sector that carry out discovering (exploring), obtaining, producing, refining, and distribution of oil and gas. Integrated oil and gas  companies  combine both  upstream and downstream services  as far the oil and gas industry is involved. This is unlike when oil and gas companies  are specialized in either the downstream or upstream oil and gas operation.

Over the years, due to scientific findings obtained through series of chemical analysis (organic chemistry precisely) has shown that petroleum is made up of organic compounds containing the major elements hydrogen and carbon. These organic compounds made up of to hydrogen and carbon are  called hydrocarbons . Hydrocarbons have different molecular weights. Petroleum is a fossil fuel  formed as a result of  the decomposition of large quantities of dead organisms like zooplankton and alga (which are subjected to intense heat and pressure) that are buried underneath  sedimentary rocks.